A relationship is the place where we will find somebody else 

but even more - we will find the purest version of ourselves.

The best moment to start a coaching as a couple a NOW!

If you have challenges to overcome - let's do it! If you are in a very good state - let's use this time to learn even more about each other to make sure, that we stay in that good vibe as long as possible. 

How I work

To understand relationships better, there are a few aspects to consider.


The core questions are: What did we learn about love and relationships in our childhood?


What words do we connect with love? What behaviors do we connect with loving relationships?  


The answers to these questions are influenced by many different factors, such as the language, the religion and the culture. 

Based on these differences, there is a high probability for misunderstandings. 


Whatever the specific case, sessions focus on: 


  • Defining the source of your specific differences

  • Discovering their impact on your daily life 

  • Creating your unique relationship-language 

  • Exploring tools to practice and improve your new relationship-language 

  • Building routines to integrate learned strategies 

As a Relationsship Coach with a systemic background, we will take a closer look at your systems f.e. family, culture, society. 


Discovering, accepting and even celebrating differences is one step, but only the first.


Creating a common base of communication and therefore deep understanding is the Gamechanger.


How does that work? Consistency, playfulness and trust in the process – TOGETHER. 

Be your own Coach!

I am here helping you as long as necessary.

You will be with yourself as long as possible. 

10h - marathon

We will create your personal journey.​

After these 10 hours you will know so much more about you and new ways how to improve your live and your relationships. 

599 Euro  


Sometimes it only needs a quick and easy 30-minute conversation with new questions and impulses. 

The first step is the most important one! To take this one step the "Inspiration" is perfect for you!


39 Euro


Some subjects need a bit longer time. an hour of questions, space and a open mind can be a great chance to switch perspectives. 


69 Euro

all price excluded VAT


"Liebe Carolin,


vielen lieben Dank für Deine E-Mail und das inspirierende Gespräch mit Dir.

(+ ein extra Danke, dass du Dir auch so viel Zeit genommen hast)

Ich fand es total schön, mich ein wenig öffnen zu können und auch wenn wir uns gar nicht direkt kennen, hat es sich sehr schnell warm und vertraut angefühlt. Die Frage nach meiner beruflichen Zukunft beschäftigt mich unabhängig von der aktuellen Situation schon länger. Auch wenn ich durch Deinen Podcast und Dein Buch bereits viel Input dazu hatte, ist es doch nochmal was ganz anderes, sich in einem persönlichen Gespräch auszutauschen. Das fand ich sehr erfrischend und unser Gespräch hat auf jeden Fall nochmal ein paar neue Gedanken bei mir angestoßen. Ich habe mir einige Fragen aus unserem Gespräch aufgeschrieben und setze mich seitdem mit ihnen auseinander."

Isabell P.

über das "Inspirationsgespräch"


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