Carolin Wett 

Coach • Author • Speaker

be your own Coach

Giving the right advices sounds admirable. But is it the right way for sustainable growth?

I don't think so! 

I am the one who delivers the "right" questions for you.

So, it is up to you to find your own personal path. 

Who I am 


I am a passionate coach with the vision that learning and improving can be fun, light and even entertaining. My specialty is working with multi-cultural couples and the special need of an even higher level of clarity in their communication. In fact, I live in a multi-cultural relationship and use English not only as my second language, but also as the primary relationship-language with my partner.


In the past five years, I’ve been working with couples as a wedding officiant and as a result, also as a relationship consultant. My work as a coach for individuals in challenging life situations brought me a lot of practise to help finding new ways of creating new realities.


Combining the knowledge about my work with couples, together with my own personal experience provides me with a unique insight into the specialchallenges in multi-cultural relationships, I not only have theoretical knowledge, but I can also relate personally, thus making me to a valuable partner to work with.



My first book strahlendgrau  (Engl. shiny grey) was published 2019 and helped hundreds of people to think about burnout prevention and mental health in a new way. Following that, my second book, Celebrating the Differences, will be published soon, wherein I offer practical tools to improve communication in relationships. (Available in English and German) 


The way we communicate is a direct reflection of our mindset. Therefore, I focus not only on the communication part but even more on the belief systems behind it. 

Who I help 


I help not only couples, but also individuals who are dealing with limits in their own communication or integration into a new culture. Communication and understanding are skills we can learn. With a few questions and a curious mindset our perception will increase. 

I support and coach people who want to be more: 

  • Open

  • Understanding

  • Flexible

  • Sensitive 

  • Empathetic

Sometimes it is not important to do things perfectly. It is more important to start and take the first step.

Which languages am I using in my sessions and workshops? 

As a German I provide all my services in English but also in German! 


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